Travelling to the Amalfi Coast cannot exclude a food and wine tour through traditional recipes and authentic savors discovering the most delicious specialties of this extraordinary territory.

Those who love fish cannot miss anchovies from Cetara to enjoy with the traditional spaghetti alla colatura di alici. Shrimps, rockfish, greater amberjack, octopus and shellfish are the main ingredients of Scialatielli allo scoglio. Those who love first courses will appreciate the pasta from Gragnano, the most typical food tradition of Salerno, and Ndunderi of Minori, kneaded with very fresh ricotta.

Not to miss also the cheese of the Lattari Mountains, with the Ricotta from Tramonti, Provolone del Monaco and fiordilatte, local lemons like the typical Sfusato Costa di Amalfi, main ingredient for the production of limoncello, and the wide array of desserts, from pastiera to torta caprese, from the Amalfi cookies to delizia al limone.

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