History and Archaelogy



History and Archaelogy

On the Amalfi Coast and especially in Minori are many the historical testimonies of the time when this land belonged to the Roman Empire and was a favorite place of refuge and leisure.

In Minori there is the archaeological site of the Villa archeologica marittima, a villa of the I century AD built around gardens with a central pool and annexed antiquarium that displays Roman finds. History enthusiasts can relive the engaging story of the Maritime Republic of Amalfi visiting the Amalfi Civic Museum, or the new Roman Archaeological Museum of Positano, built out of the environments of a Roman villa, or visiting the amazing villas embellishing Ravello, like Villa Rufolo, a mansion with a panorama overlooking the sea, Villa Cimbrone, old noble residence turned into museum with its very panoramic “Belvedere dell’Infinito” or the Coastal Tower in Conca dei Marini, ancient Saracen defense nowadays turned into Museum of the Sea.

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