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Maiori Dream Rental

"The places where we felt happy and which we loved, where there are poor people who are convinced that they have seen the devil... The inhabitants of the Coast are crazy, inebriated by the sun. But they know how to live, availing themselves of a strength which few of us possess, that of fantasy"
(Roberto Rossellini)

The Amalfi coast and in particular Maiori was the "city of cinema" on the Coast, since Roberto Rossellini chose it to set "Paisà" (1946), which is probably the most representative work of Italian neo-realism. Its traces can still be found in St Francis Convent and elsewhere. Later the Maestro returned to Maiori to film "Paisà" (1946), "The Miracle" (1948) and "The Just Avenger Machine" (1948) and "A Journey through Italy" (1953). The fiery, leading actress Anna Magnani, who had had an intense, sweet, passionate and stormy love story and lived with the director in Amalfi, Maiori and Furore, was absent.

The love nest in Maiori, as witnessed by many people, was this noble residence with its balconies overlooking an intimate sea cove, opened to catch the warm sunshine, mitigated by the crisp breeze tinged with iodine and salt.

The Maiori dream rental occupies part of the first floor of a 19th century building owned for three generations by the Reale family. It is situated in the centre of Maiori, about 20 metres from the sea, on the right hand side still stands the Castello Mezzacapo overlooking the bay with its fairyland architecture anticipating the villas, convents, churches and houses, which seem almost like painted swallows' nests on the landscape of the amber cliffs of Ravello. On the left hand side, the Norman Tower, overlooking the sea, always brings back memories and emotions of dancing on past summer nights.